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The Village of Gnomes

A stone's throw from the Hotel, immersed in an enchanted world, is the fantastic Village of Gnomes. Among its inhabitants there is Siben,the Gnome symbol of the Plateau: come and meet him, together with the other gnometti awaits you to live anincredible adventure!

Legend comes to life

It is narrated ... the magical creatures of the Village of Gnomes love silence and animals and, for this very reason, have chosen the "Pöslen Grove " as their ideal home.

Here, among flowers, wild animals and ancient galleries theater of precious memories of the beloved writer Mario Rigoni Stern,hide the gnomes waiting to reveal themselves to all those who love to fly with fantasy, to bring them to discover this wonderful enchanted world.

But beware, only those who truly believe ... itwill help to see them and live with them an unforgettable experience!