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Printing and articles

Here is a short press review of some newspaper articles that we have collected over the years, if that were not enough, to tell our magical reality!

The Family That Turns

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"Among charming woods and cute gnomes, pampered in a cozy super comfortable structure, children get lost in a world of fun and fairy tales, while adults relax among enchanting panoramic views and warm mountain environments, in an idyllic atmosphere, which leaves no room for tensions, nor negative thoughts."

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NEWS + Website Blog 2017


In Asiago in the heart of the plateau the hotel that makes you rediscover the ability to dream

I've always thought what's missing in today's life is a bit of a dream. We lost that ability to dream. She got lost in our daily escape. It has remained there, crushed by our thousand commitments and needs, by what we like to call realism or concreteness but which so often is nothing but mistrust and pessimism .......

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CamperLife June 2016

There is a magical place in Asiago, where fairy tales become reality, where children (and not only them) will be enchanted: here they can have proof that gnomes really exist! The route, about 1 km, winds through an uncontaminated environment, between meadows and woods. Children will be able to see the houses, find out how they live. But the real peculiarity of this village is the fact that you can know the gnomes and interact. The village is open in the summer, it is located in the woods adjacent to the Hotel Da Barba.

A Fairy Tale that is renewed


"Did you think that gnomes and goblin people lived only in the pages of books or in the fervent fantasies of the little ones? Nothing could be further from the wrong! Just go to Pöslen, just a few minutes from the centre of Asiago, to think again! "

Touring Junior


"The environment of the Asiago Plateau invites you to take many walks through woods and grasslands. But the real surprise is to find a unique and magical place where you can chat with the very shy inhabitants who live in small small houses. "

The Hotelier's Journal


"Asiago's hotel not only pampers its customers in the room as well as at the restaurant, it also offers 90,000 square meters of lawns and woods with life paths and sports equipment but also games for children"

The Plateau


What about the little ones? For them and for all those who manage not only to look, but also to see [..] there is the possibility to take off for a journey that has its roots in The Northern legends straddling dream and reality, between fantasy and magic"

The Highland Newspaper


"As for the Hotel Da Barba" was born in 1970, by the will of his mother Marcella (superfine cook) and her husband Giacomo Mosele (the Beard!) [..]: in '52 he was the gateway to the Plateau at the Oslo Olympics and the Falun World Championships"

The Giornale di Vicenza


"The International Federation puts the Plateau at the top of Europe: Sweden, Norway and Finland envy us the cross-country tracks. With seven homologated routes for World Cup races, we're doing better than the Nordic countries."

"TV" magazine


"If you are looking for romantic atmospheres, the hotel that is right for you is "Da Barba": it is located in Asiago, among the meadows, on the edge of the forest and also has a sauna to relax after a day of walks"

The Journal of the Highlands


A myriad of small green hoods began to make their way into the undergrowth, silent and attentive; one pinched me, another took my hand and Alte Siben, with a long beard, beckoned me to follow him"

Vicenza reality


"Gnomes really do exist. The sculptor and painter Alvise Basso di Passo di Riva built their Village in a path suitable for young and old. Even Osvaldo Bevilaqua has arrived in Asiago for the TV show Sereno Variabile"

Asiago Dove


"A village of the Little People was discovered in the Enchanted Forest of the Hotel da Barba, in Pöslen, a few minutes from the center of Asiago. I see them most of the [..] when they come out of the burrows are small, about 25 cm.."

Golf & Tourism


"Giacomo Mosele is one of the best known characters of the Plateau [..]. They all call him Barba [..] and he called Barba the small, pleasant hotel he built and sends with his daughters to Kaberlaba"