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Spa and Merry trips with animation:
Alpine pastures, farms, mountain huts are waiting for you!


The village of gnomes

A short walk from the Hotel, set in a magical world of nature and magic, there is the fantastic Village of gnomes. Among its inhabitants there is also Siben, the GNOME symbol of the Asiago plateau. Come and meet him! Along with the other Gnomes waiting for an adventure tale in this fascinating world of nature, magic and history.

The legend comes to life

It is said that the magical creatures of the village of gnomes love the silence and animals and for this they chose how to perfect the "Grove of Pöslen".

Here, between alpine flowers, wildlife and ancient tunnels theatre of precious memories of the beloved writer Mario Rigoni Stern, lurk waiting to reveal himself to kids who like to fly with imagination, to play with them and take them to discover this wonderful fairy tale world.

But be careful, only those who really believes will see them and live with them an unforgettable emotion!


The fable of the little people

Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of the forest. Come and discover the village of Gnomes, a place full of charms and spells, which keeps alive the story of the little people.

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