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Opening in June with "new".
Spa and Merry trips with animation:
Alpine pastures, farms, mountain huts are waiting for you!


Hotels from Barba

A short walk from the center of Asiago you'll find... From Barba,
a fairytale place:your home in the mountains!
Hotel No.1 certified Trip Advisor!


To ensure the most thorough prevention, to protect your health here are the Gnome Standards:

(application at 8 DPCM Covid19 Emergency Guidelines)

1. Measuring temperature on arrival
2. Restaurant area reserved exclusively for Guests staying in Hotel and fast lane at the Bar
3. Pure mountain airing and Sanitation with ozonizer of rooms and common areas
4. Repeated daily disinfection and disinfection of all surfaces
5. Dispenser with disinfecting hands gel at each access point

The Management reserves at any time, to suspend services that could jeopardize safety and well-being.

We thank you for your cooperation in
Respecting the current rules

Make your dreams come true!

Leave behind stress and immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere to unwind. The smell of the homemade cakes and the delicious local products of the rich buffet togheter with the fairy-tale view will awaken you gently for a breakfast ... even in your pajamas!

Discover the Hotel
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Children, nature and magic!

The true emotions of Hotel Da Barba are children: fulfill their dreams in a simple and genuine place. Lots of outdoor activities with our entertainers to make them enter into a real fairy tale.

Families, children and Gnomes

Kitchen love

The best holiday needs of the best foods: the local cuisine and genuine snacks for your children are prepared with ingredients of the area and of the highest quality, such as the fresh milk from cows grazing on the plateau.

Check out the kitchen
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